Saturday, July 6, 2013

Google Apps Can make 'DROP-IN' Possible.

'57 million students were out of school'  In 2011, according to UNESCO statistical institute.Poverty has been considered the out of main determinants of 'Drop-Out'.

 Despite being provided free elementary education to all the rate is not decreasing up to satisfaction. Having the same solution always and the situation is as it was, then there must be different reasons for the prevailing problem. The problem is more psychological rather than financial what I think. I have seen students dropping out the school for many reasons. Absolute poverty can not account for 'Drop-Out' on its own although it may account for delayed entry into a school and high repetition rates. Poor quality education is considered the other reason of school 'Drop-Out'.

Here is a video 'Make Your Teaching Counts' which can clearly show the reason of 'Drop-Out'.

What I think the main determinant of Drop-Out is the lack of up-gradation of teachers and the environment provided to students. I would say 'the system which is updated regularly may prevail.The trained teachers, taken as percentage, are expected to influence the Drop-Out rate negatively. The trained teachers can motivate the students and devise new technique to build interest of children and thereby can lesson school Drop-Out.
The other reason of Drop-Out is Pupil Teacher Ratio; Presence of more students per teacher poses problem in service delivery to the students to their needs. This results in lack of motivation among students, feeling of bored and also lack of hope among parents and guardians. This is expected to have a positive impact upon Drop-Out. Again the solution lies in technique (Google Apps For Education). 
With less number of Google Apps Teachers quality of education can be improved.
The economies not upgrading his education system having a problem of Drop-Out.The solution lies in the up-gradation of teachers with equipping them with educational tools which can create interest among students.
It is seen that Kids are very 'Fast Learner' of Technique. Here I would say "Google Apps For Education" can do miracle as it holds all nature to motivate the students to be more skillful and creative.
 If Application of Google Apps in a class can motivate a traditional teacher to work with full of it's energy and he starts working as if he is re-starting his career  as a 'Teacher'. Then a fresh mind playing with technique like toys is able to create a new world of his imaginations. There would be no chance to leave the school for him.

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